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Fatihi SaidAugust 10, 20186454 min

Religions ban it but the financial enticements easily sway one’s decision. That combined with peer pressure and the possible win of the jackpot. Once a year sport betting sites reveal jackpot winners and that creates euphoria.


Types of bettors?

Most that I have met do it to supplement their income while others are simply addicted. Addicted bettors bet using small figures on multiple games expecting high returns while the more successful bettors tend to bid Ksh 5,000+ on one or two games. I interviewed one of those successful bettors and let me say there is more to betting than you and I know. The amount of research, patience, and luck required can determine a successful bet.


Working Strategy

For the sake of anonymity, I will call my interviewee Mr. James. Every morning he goes through matches and selects at most 3 games. From that, he will research recent events such as injuries, red cards, how the team performs while away or at home. It usually takes 1 hour to research one match and he prefers doing at 10 am. When asked why 10 am he smiled and said, “It is quiet around the house, by that time the kids have gone school”.


I asked him about discussing with other bettors and he replied, “I avoid discussing my selections with other bettors, I used to and that always left me confused. If I lost at least I know it was my fault.”



Apparently, this is key, most that rush at high odds tend to lose while others adding low odds in a multi-bet end up being disappointed when 1 team loses. “Most bettors use emotions or analysis they got from sport tip sites, this could work but it is a high-risk bet. I would place Ksh 100 on such.”


According to Mr. James, most bettors place their bets early. What they do not understand is that the odds increase when the game has started.


Is it worth it?

Yes, but I would not recommend it. I set a budget every week and if I lose more than the set budget I will stop. Most cannot do that. “So far I have lost Ksh 300,000. This is of course from the time I started. I have earned Ksh 1,150,000.” he said.


What I think

Religion aside, this is a high-risk business. It has destroyed families and lives. You must set aside money that you do not need and be willing to lose it. You could earn loose Ksh 5,000 and earn Ksh 2,000 in a few days only to have a false sense of hope to try and bid again.

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