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Enid KathambiApril 15, 201910809 min

Easter Holiday is around the corner, and we all know what it means- spending a lot of money on food, decor and maybe new outfits. Most of us are still reeling from Christmas holiday and Valentine’s Day debts.  Now, Easter holiday is around the corner and without a proper financial planning, things will only get worse. However, we have compiled for you frugal tips that will help you save.

Save with the below frugal tips for the Easter Holiday

How to save on food and decor this Easter

1. Potluck party

How about you ask everyone attending to bring something to eat or drink? For those who will be hosting Easter dinners, this will not only be an avenue to save some bucks but also your precious time.

As a host, spare some time and prepare the main course. Then ask your guests to each bring something to the table- quite literally. For variety, each guest can bring a different meal, snack or drink.

2. What’s on sale at the local grocery store?

If you want to save on the meals you prepare, then prepare based on what’s on sale at the local grocery store.

It is no secret that almost all stores offer discounts during the holidays, Easter holiday included. Keep an eye out for any discounts locals stores might offer and you will be on your way to a frugal Easter holiday.

3. Shop at dollar stores or DIY for decor

When it comes to decor, dollar stores will have what you need and at lower prices. Additionally, if you have any decorations left over from last year’s Easter holiday, use it.

Search around the house for any pieces of art and clothing that can be used as decor. Get your creative side to work, and you might save a few dollars on your Easter decor.

How to save on outfits the Easter

If your child/ren need new clothes for the Easter holiday, here is how to save on those outfits.

4. How about a swap?

It might sound weird and awkward but it is actually doable. If you have a group of close family members, friends or neighbours, you can organize a swap. There is a high chance that their children have clothes that look brand new and are just sitting in the closets- same as you.

5. Or shop during clearance

If there is a store in your neighborhood with a clearance sale, you might be in luck. Hit the store and shop at their clearance racks. There is a chance of getting leftovers from the Christmas holidays with a price markdown.

Some shops still have clothes on their shelves and are willing to let them go at a lower price to create room for the new season.

6. Maybe just ask loved ones to share

Once kids have outgrown their clothes, new ones occupy the closets, and the old ones are packed. Do not be shy to ask your loved ones if they have any clothes their children have already outgrown. Some of the clothes could still be new. They will save you some dollars and a trip to the retail or thrift store.

How to save on Easter egg hunts and baskets

How much will it cost to buy candy for the Easter egg hunt? It doesn’t cost much, but you can still save some money. Here is how:

7. Dye your eggs

If you have any plastic or real eggs, you can dye them yourself and save on buying new eggs for the hunt. The prices will be a little high around this time as everyone is preparing for the Easter holiday. To save you some cash, get some vinegar, water, and food coloring. From this, you can make your own dye and use it to color the eggs. If you are using the plastic eggs, be sure to keep them safe for next year.

8. Love notes will do the trick

It does not hurt to remind your child/ren of how much you love them. Or the things that make them great. It is the little affirmations and ways you show affection to them that count. They can save these notes in their safe box or jar and reminisce over the hunt in their lifetime.

9. And some time together

The main reason for celebrating is to show your loved ones you care about them, that, plus the religious unity around the event.

For example, you can put a recipe in the basket and other kitchen items your child loves. Then spend some time together making a delicious meal, dessert or even baking. Other things to put in the basket include books if your child enjoys reading, candy, ar a DVD and spend the evening or afternoon watching a movie together.

10. Reuse your baskets

Rather than buying new baskets, use the ones you have lying around. For those with no baskets to reuse, hit the dollar store for some cheaper ones. Then save the baskets for reuse during the next Easter holiday.

Did you save money last Easter holiday? How did you do it? Tell us about it.

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