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There is never a dull moment for one to visit the Kenyan Coastal area. As usual, all roads are mostly, if not, heading to the coast and specifically the south coast.

If you are looking for things to do in Coast, you are in luck. The place is full of options, depending on the region you are visiting. Ukunda is one of the top destinations in Coast, and here is a simple guide of items to tick off your Ukunda bucket list:

Jet Skiing In Diani

Jet skiing is a common activity in Diani, with many local and foreign tourists taking every chance to track the waters in powerful Yamaha jets. Even if you are a non-swimmer, the jet ski companies provide you with a rider. Jet skiing also allows you to see the dolphins.

You get how long you want to enjoy the experience, with some rides going as far as Galu Beach across nomad, leopard Beach hotels down to Southern palms Beach hotel and into the Congo River.

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Meditation By The River Congo Beach 

Congo River beach, where the Indian ocean merges with the river. With white sandy beaches, beautiful views, and several activities to enjoy, it should be on your to-do list when in Ukunda. If you love meditating, you can join the meditation groups by the river Congo.

Experiencing The Coastal Traditional Meals

Do you love trying different cuisines? When in Ukunda, you have the chance to try a wide array of coastal cuisines, including Tui, which is coconut rice. There is also biryani rice, pilau, mbaazi za nazi, kebab, mshikaki, and bhajia.

Camel Rides Across Diani Beach

When is the last time you enjoyed a ride on the back of a camel? The city and other rural areas might have few to no camels but the coastal region has a number of them. How about chasing the coastal sunset on a camel ride? Or tracking out the beautiful and scenic spots for your pictures while enjoying some lessons on camels and the coral reefs.

Fitness Along The Beach

Being on holiday does not mean you cannot keep up with your fitness routine. Fitness along the beach is a common activity, from running to yoga, dancing, cycling. There are cycle tours if you are up to long-distance cycling, which takes a route down Mkurumudzi river in Majimboni village all the way to Shimba hills.

Kite Surfing

The Galu Beach area in Diani Beach offers one of the best kite surfing locations in Diani and is good for both beginners and advanced kite surfer’s. The wide sandy beach, stable and constant wind-warm waters of the Indian ocean makes the kite surfing experience in Ukunda worthwhile.

Visiting Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

A visit to Ukunda cannot be complete without spending some time at the Kaya Kinondo sacred forest. It is a historic site bearing cultural lessons of the Digo community. The nature trail features about 187 species of plants where some are used in making traditional medicines.

The tour around the forest takes about one hour introducing you to a whole new world of African spiritual issues, taboos, and religious practices associated with the ancient Mijikenda people.

Whatever activity you choose, you can be assured your trip to Ukunda will not be boring. Try the local cuisines, visit the sacred forest and learn one or two things about the local communities. And if you are ready for some adrenaline rush, be sure to try jet skiing or kite surfing.

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