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Maureen Wambui is a creative writer who loves exploring human complexities in her work. She has written for many publications, including Potentash, NotSoCrunchy, Storymoja Africa, Thought Catalog, Novakono and on her blog at wakarindimaureen.wordpress.com. One of her short stories 'CHANCES' has been published in Brittle Paper's Love Stories from Africa anthology, while another short story 'The Festivities' has been published on the Wagon Magazine. She was part of the inaugural Jalada Mobile Masterclass which was facilitated by Amy Gigi Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Panorama, The Journal of Intelligent Travel, as well as the 2017 Short Story Day Africa ID Flow workshops in Nairobi. She is currently the lifestyle writer at afromaisha.com.

History often favors those with the power to change the narrative to their favor. As a result, much of it is lost or kept a secret from future generations. With Kenyan history, much of it is skewed in the colonialists’ favor. We rarely take oral history seriously, and most of the history books stick to the bare, boring facts. This need to tell the good, the bad, and the only whispered stories from Kenya’s history...