Holiday Shopping Guide: Top Gifting Rules to Follow

Holiday Shopping Guide: Top Gifting Rules to Follow

The Christmas holiday is here, and we all know what it means; gift season! But, instead of buying just anything this season, we want you to put a little bit more thought into your gifts. Whether you are gifting your friend, your parents, significant other, or a colleague. 

This sounds quite challenging and overwhelming. We know. But, what if we told you there is a way to shop wisely and make your recipients happy? Below is a shopping guide with top gifting rules to ensure you are thoughtful about your gifts this season:  

Something They Need 

This is where you focus on gifting someone something that you feel makes their life better. It doesn’t have to be a significant purchase. 

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Something They Want

Have you heard them mention what they want but can’t buy it for whatever reason? Maybe they are cash strapped, saving for it, or waiting for holiday sales. Whatever the reason, if it is something you can afford to get, go ahead and gift them that.  

Gift Them an Experience 

Sometimes, all one wants is to relax and unwind. A gift certificate to a massage parlor, a mani-pedi, or a weekend getaway will do. Just ensure that you buy an item they will enjoy using. 

Plus, experiences are more memorable. Physical items, like phones and computers, are excellent. But they depreciate real fast and get replaced with newer models every year or so. Memories, though, are forever. 

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A Gift That Solves Their Problem 

Avoid giving them a profit that becomes a problem. Instead, provide them with a gift that solves a problem. 

So, what problem is your loved one facing? Maybe it’s a broken item in the house they can’t get around to fixing. Why not hire a handyperson for them? Perhaps they feel their home is boring? How about hiring an interior designer to spruce up their rooms? The goal is to turn the negatives in their lives into positives. 

Something to Read 

What kind of books do they love? You can buy them a book, send them a gift certificate to their favorite book store or get them a Kindle if they don’t have one yet. If they have a Kindle, how about paying for their yearly subscription.

What if they don’t like books? Well, there are audio subscriptions for audiobooks, magazine subscriptions, and even comic books. 

Something to Wear 

If the person you shop for loves fashion items, how about getting them something to wear? It could be a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or accessories that complement their wardrobe. 

  • Some great ideas include:
  • Makeup kits 
  • Designer perfumes 
  • Personalized scarves 
  • Clothes from renowned brands

Spend Some Quality Time With Them 

Are they impossible to shop for? Do they say they have everything they could possibly need? This group of people is quite impossible to shop for. But, it is totally doable. 

You can find a way to spend some quality time with them. Maybe it’s a loved one you never see often. Or perhaps you are always too busy to catch up and do things that you both love. This is the right time to rectify that. 

You can arrange a lunch or dinner date with them, go shopping, catch a movie or visit any of your favorite places together. 

Once you follow these rules, finding the best gifts for your loved ones this coming season will be as easy as you need it to be! 

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