A Day in Nairobi City: Suggestions

Are you travelling to Nairobi on business or leisure? Are you wondering what places in Nairobi you can visit for a few hours? Well, wonder no more as we have a list of places worth spending your money and time on. Whether you are looking for Kenyan artefacts to buy or looking forward to spending your day with wild animals, Nairobi has so much to offer. We are here to give you ideas on how to spend a day in Nairobi city.

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Places to visit in Nairobi City

1. The Giraffe Centre

If you are keen about what happens in the animal kingdom, then you might have read the sad news that giraffes are on the verge of extinction. In a period of thirty years or so, the population of giraffes in the world has dwindled by 36 – 40%; quite a loss of one of the most iconic and gracious animals.

In Nairobi though, the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife has tried protecting Rothschild giraffe endangered species since the 1980s.

We visited them, and it was an hour worth spending. Here, you can learn more about the Rothschild giraffe species as well as spend a few of your minute’s bonding with the giraffes. They are quite friendly, and the staff will provide you with food to feed the giraffes.

The Giraffe Centre is located a few kilometres from the CBD (20 km), which can take 40-minutes to an hour depending on traffic. The admission fees depend on whether you are a resident or a tourist. Also, school groups are allowed, but you need to call in advance for booking. Payments are made through credit or debit cards and Mpesa.

There is a coffee place within the vicinity in case you need to grab a bite. Additionally, there are some curio shops for you to buy some Kenyan artefacts and giraffe-themed fridge magnets as a souvenir.

2. Matbronze Wildlife Art

A few minutes ride from the Giraffe Centre is the Matbronze Wildlife Art. It is a well-hidden place. I will give them that. It also took us a while to learn about them, and so we visited them to see for ourselves. The visit was worth it.  

If you are a lover of artistic decor pieces and happen to love wildlife, then this sounds like a place for you to shop for your next unique decor piece. While I must admit some of their prices are beyond some of our pockets, I believe one can find something worth taking home at the end of the day. For example, I admired the stands they had for wine bottles and were very affordable.

That said, pass and look for an artistic piece that suits your style. Matbronze has many types of wildlife pieces such as hippo’s, various types of birds, elephants, and crocodiles among others. There are also bronzed pieces of plants. And, if you are a collector, then you can purchase one of their limited edition pieces.

The gallery is open every day of the week, and no prior booking is needed. Admission was also free. Additionally, there is a cafe there and an excellent outdoor sitting setting where you can sit with your family or friends and enjoy some lunch or beverage of your choice.    

Visit them and get yourself a lovely piece for your indoors or outdoors.

3. Bomas of Kenya

On Langata Road, 30-minutes or so from Nairobi’s CBD is the Bomas of Kenya. If you are a lover of history, the Bomas of Kenya is your go-to place.  

Visit to learn about Kenya’s traditional villages from several tribes. You will also have a chance to see traditional and cultural artefacts from various Kenyan communities- from calabashes used to enjoy various beverages and foods to stool, masks used in rituals, knives and much more.

After that, spend a few hours of the evening watching cultural performances from their auditorium. They have daily shows. This means you will still watch regardless of the day of the week. The performances include most of the traditional instruments you can think of- from wind instruments to strings and percussion.

For a taste of different savoury dishes from various tribes in Kenya, visit their Utamaduni restaurant and eat to your fill.

Ticket prices depend on residency status.   

4. The Nairobi Safari Walk

While most National Parks are far from the city, the Nairobi National Park is just 20-minutes away from the CBD. However, if you do not want to go for the game drive at the park, I believe you will have a grand time at the Nairobi Safari Walk.

The Nairobi Safari Walks provides one an opportunity to see wild animals with no interruptions. Here, you will see a variety of animals located in various national parks within the country. They have lions, cheetahs, zebras, monkeys, and rhino among others.

The design of the paths, a wooden boardwalk rises above the ground is also quite interesting and brings an excellent and unique experience.   

5. The Maasai Market

If you have a few hours in your afternoon to spare, head over to the Maasai Market and indulge your eyes and wallet on all good things Kenyan.

The Maasai Market is your go-to place for all those souvenirs, jewellery, fabrics and clothes with East African prints, paintings, carvings and many decor items you wish to buy when in Nairobi. It is an open-air market and is usually in various places of the city on weekdays; the Village Market mall on Friday’s, the Nakumatt Junction mall on Thursday’s, the Capital Centre on Wednesday’s among other places.

However, on the weekends, you will find the vendors at the High Court parking lot in the CBD, just next to KICC,  from morning till late evening. On Sunday’s, some of the vendors are located Yaya Centre in Hurlingham.

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