Best travel insurance apps for a traveler

Traveling to any destination keeps getting easier and secure. Technology and the internet have taken the guesswork out of the travel itinerary. Previously, all one could do with their phones was contacting insurance firms. However, things have changed for the best.

Travel insurance apps are revolutionizing; now you can get real-time information on how to procure medical and travel assistance, or even how to contact your embassy, hospital contact information, and how to buy insurance.

So below are the best travel insurance apps for a traveler:

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Goose App

This is an on-demand app in Canada. It is famous for getting one issured in under 60 seconds. Goose is affordable, and for as low as $4 per day, you can get insurance cover for your next travel destination. You can buy extensions per your requirements. The app has maps and gives you a list of locations where you can get access to medical assistance. This is mainly for Canadians.

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Chubb Smart Travel App

Chubb Smart is always on the know of what the situation on the ground is, regardless of your destination. Thei app has the latest information- from governments, news media, security and health information and social media.

For accuracy, it has to review if the information is factual. This will avoid sending you to places with incidences of political protests, terrorism, or adverse weather conditions. The insurance is also available to select people who are policyholders.

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Smart Travel Allianz App

If backpacking and hiking is your thing, then the Smart Travel Allianz app is a sure win. It is an on-demand and free for everyone to download. It helps one to navigate through its geolocation service, which can help you locate vital services and facilities.

You can access local emergency numbers , agencies and the US embassy on your phone. You can see your policy details, file claims, and check the claims or even your flight status on the fly. It has a medical translator that can help in translating first aid terms in 18 common global languages.

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AIG Travel Assistance App

AIG is only available to corporate, business travel and Private Client Group policyholders. Individuals and leisure policyholders do not have access to the app.

AIG has been in the business of guarding business travelers for more than seven decades. Some of its most important features include access to comprehensive security and health information, this, of course, depends on the policy that you buy.

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There are different schools of thought that argue on whether it is convenient to buy insurance from mobile apps. Above all, it would be advisable to peruse your policy thoroughly to see if it meets with your holiday requirements.

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