Kitengela Glass Research And Training Trust – A Kenya’s Hidden Gem

Tucked in the town of Rongai, a forty-five minutes ride from the city of Nairobi- depending on traffic- is Kitengela Hot Glass. It is one of the places that I would consider as part of Kenya’s hidden gems. If you are looking for a place to spend your lovely morning or afternoon watching the works of art and the view of the Nairobi National Park and the city, Kitengela Hot Glass is the place to be.

I finally got a chance to cross it off my bucket list, and I had one of the best Saturday’s I have not had in a while. They have quite an array of activities to indulge in, only your timing and pocket will limit you.

How to get to Kitengela Hot Glass

For starters, two routes that will get you there once you get to Rongai. We had no idea how far it is, which for us was both a good and a bad thing. A bad thing because we had no car of our own so we took a tuk-tuk. The return for us was an issue especially since it started raining.

From Rongai, you can take the back route that gets you to Kitengela Hot Glass through their canopy walk. For lover’s of adventure, this is a fantastic welcome into their amazing place. If you are driving, you will have to leave your cars on the road. Alternatively, you can use the front route, which is way bumpier and longer. However,  with this one, you will not have to leave your car by the roadside.


We used the canopy walk, which was so much fun and scary. You are also welcomed by the dome-shaped house, shaped like a Manyatta, the traditional Maasai huts, with a dark-red finishing- I think that is the color. The pathways, right from the canopy, are all decorated in glassware.

We then visited their glass shop. Here, you will find an array of decor items their artists’ craft from the broken and burnt glasses- from wind chimes to glass chandeliers, vases, and jewelry among others. The prices were reasonable and affordable, actually, so you better load your wallet and be prepared to revamp your indoors and outdoors decor.

We also enjoyed swinging at the rooftop of their glass shop. It felt like swinging on the edge of a hill, honestly. But the view of the park, the plush savannah was nothing short of amazing.  

From there, we went to their pottery shop. If you get in touch with them in advance, they can organize a pottery class for you. They showed us how they make pottery, right from scratch. You will have to tip the artists for this though, which is understandable. If you also need something made for you and customized, they will do it while you are watching. The make pots, cups, bowls, jewelry, and even statues.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to learn how they make their glasses. However, if you do have the time and a few shillings, they will show you the whole process.

They also have a swimming pool. If you love swimming, go prepared for an incredible view of the savannah and some cool waters. You will also be treated to the sight of their beautiful peacock. I hope you are lucky enough to watch it dance- we were not so fortunate.

Close to the swimming are some manyatta cottages. If you are looking for a romantic getaway close to the city and yet far from it, this will do the trick. You can climb to the roof of these manyattas and watch the view of the whole place and the savannah. They also have some sits in the balconies on the rooftop, which for me make an excellent place to watch the sun rise or set.

We were also informed that visitors are allowed to carry foodstuffs and cook for there. If you are planning on having a picnic there, bring some meat along and they will roast it for you.

For a chance to experience the ranch life, make time to ride their horses. We ran out of time, but this is on my list when next I visit the place.     

Final word

Whether you are in Nairobi on business or leisure, make time to visit Kitengela Hot glass, one of Kenya’s hidden gems if you ask me. There is an array of activities for you, sightseeing as well as a chance to upgrade your decor with their art.        

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