Buying Guide For Your Perfect Travel Pillow

Buying Guide For Your Perfect Travel Pillow

Traveling is exciting. Whether it is exploring new places, visiting family and friends, or making your annual trip to the beach; however, the actual travel can be lengthy and uncomfortable. 

This is where travel pillows come in! 

Travel pillows can support your neck, back and provide comfort. Hopefully, enough comfort to sleep through the journey or watch your favorite film.

However, there are many things to consider when purchasing your travel pillow. Our guide provides you with all the necessary information:

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Deciding on a travel pillow shape

Travel pillows come in various shapes, each suitable for different situations or individuals.

U shape pillow

U-shape pillows are perfect for providing neck support while sitting up straight in a chair. You can wear it around your neck to close the gap between your neck and the back of the chair. You can also turn your pillow to the sides to allow side neck support when sleeping.

Complete ring shape

Do you suffer from neck pain? If so, you might benefit more from a 360 degrees pillow to provide a complete neck support. Your neck will be constricted, preventing it from falling forward or to the sides, causing muscle strains.

Block pillow

These travel pillows are very versatile and great for sleeping in different positions. For example, you can hug a block pillow and feel like you’re sleeping on your front, just like at home! You can easily prop these pillows up against plane or train windows to help you feel more comfortable sleeping against your side.

Deciding on travel pillow material

Whatever material you choose, removable covers are the most popular. They can easily be removed and placed in the washing machine! If the pillow does not have a removable cover, consider purchasing one or ensuring the whole pillow is machine washable!


Purchasing a fleece pillow cover that is incredibly soft will give you luxurious comfort while you travel. These covers are available on many different types of travel pillows.

Memory foam

For total relaxation, consider a memory foam pillow. They mold into the shape of your neck, providing complete support and removing strain from your muscles that are holding your head up.

Memory foam pillows are unlikely to be washable, so make sure you have a removable, washable cover.

Inflatable pillow

These classic U-shaped inflatable pillows might not be the most comfortable, but they are definitely convenient. They can deflate completely, taking up almost no room in your hand luggage.

Simply blow them up once you reach your seat on the plane, train, or bus, and enjoy the neck hug and support. Once finished with it, fold it up and place it back in your bag, ready for the next journey!

This type of pillow is perfect for travelers who need comfort but can’t devote more space to a memory foam pillow.

Weight and space

If you’re flying, you’re likely to have a carry-on luggage allowance. So when purchasing your pillow, ensure to consider its weight and its size. This can help you decide whether or not you have enough space for it. 

Now that we can start to travel more, you might want to purchase a travel pillow suitable for your needs. 


Pricing will always be a factor when making a purchase. Deciding on a price range, then find your desired pillow within your budget is the best way to buy. But, you can keep in mind that travel pillow prices range from $10 to around $60.

Type of travel

Identifying the type of travel you do most will help you decide on the shape of the pillow. For example, you might only want the travel pillow for air travel; therefore, it should be light and compact due to the little space on planes. 

You can also get a travel pillow for extra comfort for trains, camping, or even working at home. Therefore it is essential to buy a travel pillow with versatility. Otherwise, you’d have to buy a travel pillow for all occasions! That could end up being costly. 

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Travelling is loved and appreciated by millions of people globally, but so is comfort. So don’t sacrifice one for the other when you can have both! Get a travel pillow and arrive at your destination relaxed! 

Hopefully, this guide has given you some guidance in buying the perfect travel pillow for you! 

Happy traveling!

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