Your 7 Hiking Essentials For a Day On The Trail

Your 7 Hiking Essentials For a Day On The Trail

What hiking essentials should you always pack for a day on the trail? 

Well, planning for a hiking expedition is nothing short of exciting. Looking at maps, checking the logistics, and picturing all the scenic routes you will take! 

Sometimes, you get so caught up in the planning you forget about the essentials. So, what should you pack for a day on the trail?

You need to pack all of the necessary items to ensure you remain safe while having as much fun as possible! No one wants to be stuck up a mountain or in the middle of the forest, cold, hungry, and dehydrated! 


Top 7 Hiking Essentials For The Trail

Hiking should be fun! Preparing for it in advance ensures you enjoy it to the fulest. Prepare yourself with these hiking essentials:



Hiking boots are always essential and will depend on your hike. Hiking advanced trails require more stable, comfortable, and supporting shoes than the typical running trainer. Choose hiking boots that provide ankle support, are breathable and comfortable. 

Buying hiking boots will most likely be your most significant hiking investment, so make sure they fit well and are diverse for various hikes.



Holding all your essential items on your back will be easier with a comfortable backpack. Choose the right Litre backpack to fit all your belongings inside. 

A short hike might only require an 11-13L backpack, whereas a daypack is around 20-30L. This extra space allows you to pack more essential items such as snacks, more water, or layers. 

Are you hiking in the summer? The weather can get scorching and uncomfy. As such, ensure your backpack is breathable on your back for the most comfort.



Layering up is extremely important in all seasons, especially when you are hiking in cold weather. You want to have multiple layers for comfort and safety.

Wear a breathable base layer to help maintain your body temperature. Try to avoid cotton base layers, as they trap heat and dry slowly.

Add a mid-layer for extra warmth during breaks or in the morning and evening when it is a little colder. Never forget an outer layer, such as a raincoat, for rain or wind. The weather could change along the way!


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Keeping hydrated is critical to prevent dehydration and avoid the risk of altitude sickness. Ensure you bring enough water for the entire hike. For longer hikes, a water filter can be handy so that you can fill your bottle from freshwater streams. 

Filling a reservoir placed inside your backpack can allow you to drink from a tube while hiking. Maintaining your hydration this way can be more convenient than continuously stopping to get your bottle out of your backpack.



Snacks are probably something you will not forget to pack. No one likes that feeling of hunger and little energy. Eating energizing snacks along the way will provide you with enough energy to continue your hike with enjoyment and a smile!

Energizing snacks include nutrition bars, trail mix, fruits, and sandwiches! Avoid squishy food, as most of your items will be shoved into your backpack! No one wants to eat a squished banana!


First aid kit

Medical kits are always a good idea to have in your backpack, as you truly never know what will happen. Our safety is a priority, so always pack a first aid kit even though it will take up some valuable space.

Include alcohol wipes, plasters, and bandages in your first aid kit. It is also a smart idea to carry waterproof matches and a lighter to ensure you will always have the ability to create a fire if you camp in the dark or in an emergency. 

When traveling and hiking, it is crucial to have travel insurance to cover a medical emergency. 


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When choosing your hike trial, you look at a map beforehand. Then, download this map onto your phone to establish where you are going. 

These days, we rely too much on our mobile phones and GPS. What happens if these stop working? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself and not use your phone. Having a printed-out map of your hike in a waterproof cover will assure you can always find your way! 

However, without a compass, maps are useless. So make sure you pack navigation tools to point you in the right direction! 



Are you ready for your next hiking trail? We know we are! With the above list of essentials, you can start packing for your next hike. Remember, you don’t have to have the latest and the best, just enough to be comfortable and safe. 

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