Look Radiant On Your Next Trip With These Tips

Look Radiant On Your Next Trip With These Tips

Are you ready to look radiant on your next trip? We know we are! 

Post-pandemic times have finally allowed us to travel more freely. Well, we are not out of the woods yet, but with the vaccine available, some countries are finally opening their borders for tourists. 

Flying to exciting locations and exploring new destinations has been missed. However, the busy crowds in the terminal and uncomfortable plane seats have not.

Reading this article will provide you with some travel hacks to help you care for your hair and skin while traveling to ensure you look radiant on your next trip. After taking months to plan the trip of your lifetime, you want to ensure you look your best.

Now that we can finally travel again, you should update your post-pandemic travel bucket list. 


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Prepare Before Your Flight

Flying can leave your face feeling dry and tired due to the low humidity in the cabin. Treat your skin with a light moisturizer before flying, feeling fresh and avoiding dry skin.

If it’s a short flight, a good travel hack is to apply a hair mask before leaving your home. Allow time for it to dry, then place your hair in a bun. Once you arrive at the hotel, shower to wash out the mask and freshen up. Your hair will be moisturized, shinier than before, and ready for a wonderful trip.


Refresh During The Flight

Sitting on the plane for a long-haul flight can leave you feeling in need of a shower. Urgently.  Of course, you cannot shower on the plane, but there is a travel hack! Pack some biodegradable wipes in your hand luggage to refresh your face and underarms during a long flight. 

This portable shower hack does not sound like much but can make you feel more hygienic and radiant, ready for the exciting trip ahead.

Consider packing a small bottle of facial wash in your hand luggage, so you can pop to the bathroom and wash your face before landing. This little trick can brighten your moods and give you that last little push until you’re at your final destination.

While traveling, it is important to be comfy. Travel with a travel blanket or travel pillow to provide comfort throughout the flight or train ride. Having this comfort will allow you to look and feel your best when you arrive at your destination.


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Post-Flight Care

So you survived the trip, and you’ve arrived at your accommodation. After dropping your bags down in your room, the first thing you’ll want to do is freshen up. Having a shower, washing your face, and feeling hygienic will brighten up your mood and allow you to feel radiant.

Moisturizing your face will provide shine, youthfulness, and radiation. Don’t forget to pack your favorite body wash and conditioner.

In the evening, before going out for dinner, treat yourself to a face mask. After a long trip, a face mask will relax you, clean your pores and make you shine.  With glowing skin, you will feel youthful during your trip.

Feeling radiant also hugely depends on your hairstyle. It is hard to feel young and beautiful when your hair is dry and dull. So do a hair masque while at the hotel to help you shine with positivity.


Travel-Friendly Sized Bottles

Travelling is hugely restrictive on weight and space. You certainly don’t want to leave your favorite liquids at the checking-in desk! 

Travel with travel-sized bottles, to be conservative. For example, you might have a favorite conditioner, but you can easily squeeze this into a 100ml bottle. 

Moisturizing shampoo bars can be perfect for traveling. They last a long time, are zero-plastic, and save a lot of space. 


Do Some Stretches

Crumpled up in a squashed seat while sitting on a plane can make you feel tired. After arriving at your final destination, stretch your legs and back to relieve the stress of traveling.

Moving your body through morning yoga gets your blood pumping and releases endorphins. These hormones elevate your mood, allowing you to radiate positivity throughout your trip. Although you’ve been waiting months for this trip, you do not want to ruin it by feeling fatigued.



Treat yourself to some refreshments throughout your trip to allow your body to feel hygienic and radiant. Although traveling is always worth it, it doesn’t mean we have to suffer until we reach our destination. So take care, pamper yourself and enjoy the journey!

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