Top 5 cities to visit in North Africa in 2019

Traveling is both a taxing and rewarding experience; taxing in that it requires careful planning. For the rewarding bit, think about all the places you get to see, different cultures and historical sites as well as the people you get to meet. That said, Northern Africa should be your next destination. We have taken the liberty of highlighting some of the top destinations in North Africa you should consider- from Morocco to Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

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Top destinations in North Africa

1. Morocco- Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen in Northern Morocco, nicknamed Blue City, or “The Blue Pearl of Morocco” is the perfect place to start. The area gets its name from the different shades of blue used to color all the buildings. But the blue colors are not the only things that will steal your heart. The magical scent of incense, flowers and lots of fresh oranges will have you wishing your vacation would last longer.

Not only is the area safe- represented by the blue color- but the people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. When there, explore their streets, shop your heart out for lamps and colorful blankets and be inspired by their decor patterns.

The Cascades d’Akchour Waterfalls is breathtaking for the lovers of nature. A field trip to Kif will have you learning about Hashish, Morocco’s Marijuana.

Do not forget to have a taste of their mint tea and their variety of delicious foods- we are talking of soup cooked in clay pots ( tajines), lamb meatballs locally known as kefta and many more.  

2. Constantine- Algeria

Constantine is one of the most picturesque cities in Algeria. It stands on an almost 200-meter gorge that divides the city into two. Constantine is most famous for its bridges that span the gorge. One of the bridges, Gantaret El Hibal bridge, is the second highest suspended bridge in the world. If you are an adrenaline junkie, be sure to include bungee jumping from this bridge on your to-do list.

As one of the oldest cities in Africa, Constantine has a rich history that goes back to 600 BC. It was also a Roman city in 46 BC. One of the main tourist attractions in Constantine is the Djemila Ruins, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Tunisia- Djerba

If you’re searching for the picture-perfect beach escape, then Djerba in Tunisia checks all the right boxes. Consider it a hidden gem of Africa, and a travel destination to quench your history knowledge and love for the beach. Off the beach, venture in the island town of Houmt Souk, which is the main attraction.

Djerba offers much history on pottery, and for this, visit one of their villages, Guellala. That is not all, shop for all the silk and colorful spices you want in the Houmt Souk.

This is an old town area that is a mix of whitewashed houses. The shopping center is a tourist magnet in itself, with plenty of vendors and visitors haggling for souvenirs and handicraft pieces.

4. Libya- Leptis Magna

During the Roman empire, Leptis Magna was the largest city settlement. For the lovers of history, this historic site, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must visit.

It was established in the 10th century BC by the Phoenicians and later became a Punic city. The only structure left standing of the ancient ruins is the amphitheater. You can get surrounding perspectives of adjoining areas from the theatre.

Another big attraction is the Hadrianic Baths, one of the most significant showers constructed by ancient Rome. While here, make a point of also visiting the Temples of Hercules, the Basilica, Triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus and the Severn Forum.

Leptis Magna attracts thousands of tourists each year and is among the top ten tourists places in Libya.

5. Egypt- Pyramids of Giza

This is your chance to see one of the wonders of the ancient world, the Giza Pyramids. They are one of the worlds most recognizable landmarks and the greatest mystery of Egypt.  

Built as tombs for the great Pharaohs, and guarded by the Sphinx, these pyramids have awed visitors for decades and have left archaeologists shaking their heads over how they have survived for this long.

The art depicted on the pyramids is also a tourist attraction, especially for anyone thirsting for knowledge of ancient Egypt life- from their farming life to fishing, costumes, carpentry, religious rituals, and burial practices.

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