Affordable Christmas gifts

Christmas is around the corner, which is both good and bad news. Bad news for the late and lazy shoppers like yours truly who has not bought gifts. And have nothing in mind for that matter! So, to help you, my lost brethren and sistren, I have taken the liberty of getting us a list of really affordable Christmas gifts.

Get a last-minute gift without breaking bank and keep your loved ones smiling through the holiday season.

Affordable Christmas Gifts

A Book

If you have someone in your life that loves books, then you will not go wrong with this choice. Why? Because no matter how many books we  have we will never get enough of them. It does not matter whether there is no space left in our bookshelves for an extra book. In fact, if you can make it 2 or even 3 books we will appreciate, thank you very much! (I USED WE AS A REPRESENTATION OF ALL BOOK LOVERS. THEY ALL LOVE BOOKS)

If you are in Nairobi, Prestige Bookshop , Bookstop at Yaya Centre, and Text Book Centre are great places to shop for books.

A Bookend

Because picking a genre that they really love might be hard, a bookend will do the trick. For those few books that they love having next to their nightstand or coffee table, help them do it in style. I know I would love getting one of those. For an affordable Christmas gift, you will not go wrong with this one.

They come in various styles, designs. Some are wooden while others are metallic. They can have any characters you know they love. The choices to personalize these ones are just endless.

Amazon and Etsy have some you can choose from.

Funny Socks

A pair of personalized socks with a funny caption will tickle someone’s fancy for sure. I think I will be soliciting for these from my friends and family. Yes, they are that cute, funny and naughty! And they do not have to be wine lovers. Replace the wine bit with whatever it is that they love indulging in like coffee, tea, beer or chocolates.

Get yours from Amazon at a very affordable price.

Moon Shaped Night Light

I can’t believe I will say this but if you want to be loved to the moon and back, well….

This is so cool. I am thinking of gifting myself! With just a touch, the recipient can control the brightness and color. If this does not make you the best person in their circle, I don’t know what will.

order from Amazon

Table Coasters

I bet we all have friends and relatives that love their furniture. A set of coasters will help keep their furniture new. It will also keep your loved ones at ease whenever they serve people during Christmas. What’s more is the fact that you can have them customized.

In case you want to order online, here you go; Amazon and Etsy.


If you are thinking of getting a personalized gift that is made in Kenya, click here. Happy shopping, and do let us know what affordable Christmas gift you bought for your loved one.


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