6 things you must do before quitting your job

We all live in fear of losing our jobs and at the same time dread searching for a new one. These days, the process of applying for a job has become lengthy and complicated. Sadly, there are no shortcuts. You either become an asset to the business, start a side hustle or keep applying for a new job. Below are 6 things you must do before quitting:

Update your resume and LinkedIn account

Make a list of what you currently do at work and update both your resume and LinkedIn account. Ask your supervisor if you can add him/her as a referee on your resume or if they can write a recommendation on your LinkedIn account.

Backup your work samples

If you have any work samples that you need for your future job interview, back them up before you submit your resignation. You might not get the chance if you do afterwards.

Use up your health insurance

If you haven’t used up your medical cover, do so before handing in your resignation.

Be prepared for counteroffers

Counteroffers can be enticing but harmful later on. Employers tend to offer you better pay or cover just to avoid short-term problems in your department. But they will always see you as a quitter and most likely fire you later.

Additionally, having a signed contract with the new employer tops the things you must do before quitting your job or discussing it with your colleagues.

6 Month Financial Plan

Have you saved enough money to last your at least 6 months? If you haven’t, you have to continue working at your current job until you do. Having enough savings should top the list of things you must do before quitting your job.

Here is a way to save for future. You can also use the 52 week saving challenge.

Maintain Relations

Do not burn bridges. If you have given a 1-month notice, you must do all you can to avoid ruining your reputation. Offer to help find your replacement or train them. The chances of your supervisor agreeing to be your referee will be higher.

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