How Travel Enhances Growth

There is nothing as refreshing as adventure travel. You get to go to places you have only dreamed about. As much as it is interesting, it is also arduous and fraught with misadventure. Pun intended. But this is how you get to make those memories that will last a lifetime. In fact, travel enhances growth. Below are nine ways in which you can enrich your life by travelling.


When you are in your comfort zone, you can hardly tell your capabilities. Your understanding of the true self can be very limited. Extensive travelling can sometimes inform what you would want to do with your life in the future, which is if you have not already decided. To realize your full and true potential, travel as much as you can- even to different continents.


When you go travelling alone, you are bound to be proactive, and you desire to be the master of your own fate. It compels you to be independent, and you have no choice but to take initiatives by yourself. This will help you to focus your intellect and emotions. If you have been reacting to situations rather than being in control of them, travelling will help you depend on you instead of outsourcing the task.


Not many people will tell you that they are extroverts. And, it is not because they do not want to be; it is because, for some, it is challenging to engage with people. So interacting with total strangers while travelling will change all that. Talking to other people is a necessity during travel. You may be shy, but when you are asking for a favour, you will need to talk to people. So by travelling, you develop your social skills.


There are things that you would typically not do. Adapting to new environments will force you to do so many things. As mentioned before, travelling is fun, but it will test your mettle each step you take. The whole essence of travelling to far off places is actually to do things that you would not have done otherwise. Bungee jumping off cliffs, sky diving, paragliding, trail hiking, or mountaineering. These are examples of different things you will experience in your travels.


Most of us never realize the true majesty of nature. We live our entire lives in these concrete jungles and rarely venture out of our comfort zones. The grandeur of exotic natural wonders of the world is lost on us; the reason why to a majority issues of climate change, pollution, and global warming are figments of imagination. So by travelling, we get to understand nature and realize what we stand to lose.


Most of the information we have outside of our surroundings is from other sources. sources that are, at best of times, very economical with the truth. The best way to truly grasp the political, social, and economic scenario of the world today is by travel. Only the most travelled can tell you why societies all around the world are different from others. Do not let the media outlets influence your view of the rest of the world. Instead, travel more, and get to experience it firsthand.


For all those who studied history, civilizations, and other events of historical significance, nothing trumps travelling to these places. Imagine exploring your way around these landmarks, visiting museums, the precious art galleries, and even the palaces. This is time travel at its best. Much of what is recorded as history at times is not the reality on the ground. Dialogue with the locals can help put things in perspective and get to understand local history in a much organic way.


It is a fact of life that differences exist all over the world. Whether it in etiquette, lifestyle, and ultimately in cuisine. Understanding a wide variety of cultures can enhance a person’s growth. It is not just about finding the differences. Travel is also about finding common ground.  Deep down, despite our disparities, we are all the same. Travel makes you realize the commonalities like the shared love for food, nature, and religion. We do not necessarily mean travelling for travel’s sake but to bind cultures to make the world a better place.

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Travel sometimes is the best way to master a language. Yes, you can learn a foreign language through the latest apps or videos. However, to test your skill, speaking with the native speakers is the better way. Even when you are already proficient in a language, travelling most certainly develops your speaking capabilities. It also helps you develop the right accent and even getting to know the slang.

Travel extensively, and you will be surprised at how many beautiful people you meet. It is not all roses; every adventure is going to have its share of bad people and good people. But you will have the understanding that even from where you come from, life is all the same. Prejudices based on colour, race, and nationality hardly faze the open-minded seasoned traveller.

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