KaabaTube: Tailored Islamic Videos

Have you been looking for online videos with unbiased information about Islam? Well, KaabaTube has you covered. You can watch, learn and share Islamic knowledge with your family and friends.


Listen and learn the chapters of the Holy Quran recited by different scholars around the globe.


You can listen to the sunnah and sayings of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) recorded in Sahih Bukhari and other known hadith books.

Uploading videos

KaabaTube allows its users to share videos with the rest of the world, which of course, the administrator will have to approve. This can be done by simply creating an account.

When asked, the founder of KaabaTube Mr. Yusuf said, “The main aim of starting this website is to allow fellow brothers and sisters in Islam to listen to and watch lectures and recitations without distractions from non-Islamic contents”.

“We carefully select videos before uploading. At the moment, we are focusing on Quran recitations and Hadiths. InshaAllah, we will add more categories. We also encourage our viewers to create account and upload their own videos.” He added.

What’s next?

“We are planning to have an active livestream of Mecca and InshaAllah of Hajj pilgrimage. The aim of this website has always been to create an environment that will allow fellow muslims to access lectures based on world renown clerics and engage in productive discussions.

”. Mr. Yusuf explained.

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