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We have previously written on personalized gifts one can get right here in Kenya. We have also talked of places to visit while in Kenya. But this is not all this our beautiful land has to offer in terms of homemade products. Today, we will focus on Kenyan food products. 


Have you ever thought how easy it would be to just have one spice for your foods? Well, thanks to Taste Afrique Co. Ltd, their creativity and hard work gave us Chibundiro.

Chibundiro is an organic spice with no preservatives. It is a mixture of natural spices; ginger, cinnamon, onions, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander, natural olives, black pepper and cloves.

For a spice that goes with any foods from Githeri to Omena, marinating meat or even adding that extra taste to your omelettes, you will not be disappointed.

Apart from adding flavor to your delicacies, Chibundiro has health benefits such as providing your body with antioxidants.

It comes in three flavours; hot, mild, and no chillies. You can buy their product online through their website, or from some of the leading supermarkets such as Naivas, Chandarana, and Eastmatt. They also have sachets in case you do not want to buy in huge amounts.

Miracle Foods

When it comes to healthy eating, Miracle Foods have perfected the art of ensuring you have healthy meals with their array of meals in a jar.

Their menu will just leave you salivating. They have a number of salads, burrito, and taco. The meals are freshly prepared on weekdays, and they buy their fresh products directly from local farmers and businesses. All of their meals come in a jar.

What we love about this is that you do not have to throw the jars away once you are done. If you buy the plastic jars, you can return it to them for recycling. The mason jars will be a one-time purchase for you where you exchange with every order you make.

They have single orders, corporate orders, weekly and monthly orders. All these have different cut off times to place your order with deliveries ranging from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.


With their dreams of reducing food loss and helping farmers earn a living, the founders of Sweetunda have managed to build a renowned brand that is hard to ignore. What they do is buy fruits such as mangoes, strawberries, bananas, pineapples and raspberries, process them through dehydration, and the outcome is a variety of dried fruits delicacies.

They have two types dried fruits- dried mango and dried mixed fruits. Additionally, they have a variety of fruit rolls such as raspberry rolls, mango rolls, and strawberry rolls. Their products are not hard to find. Major retail shops such as Naivas, Carrefour, Greenspoon, Chandarana among stock these sweet delicacies.

These Kenyan food products treats are easy to get and are worth spending your money on.

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