Made in Kenya: Personalized Gifts

Made in Kenya: Personalized Gifts

Shopping for a customized gift can be hectic. Most importantly, you want a perfect gift, a personal one even. One that is not too obvious. Made in Kenya: Personalized gifts is our attempt to make your gift shopping experience efficient and worth it.

With time, I have come to appreciate the simplicity and thoughtfulness that goes into picking a customized/ personalized gift. I also love it when someone gets me a customized gift. This is because it shows effort to know me and my likes. For our Made in Kenya series, we start with personalized gifts from various Kenyan entrepreneurs.

Personalized Journal

Is your loved one a writer? Or someone who loves taking note of their day to day activities? Or you feel they need a place to pen down their achievements, and dreams.

We know just the perfect place to get a personalized scroll journal. The leather journals are of various sizes, with a variation of either plain pages or lined pages.

Most importantly, the leather can be engraved with your preferred image or wording. In case you want to have a sweet or encouraging message included, you just say the word! For a personalized gift made in Kenya, this would be such an excellent and thoughtful idea.

One of our admin’s got one and we never hear enough of it!

Chocolates- for the sweet tooth

If the gift you have in mind is for someone with a sweet tooth like yours truly, then a bar or a box of chocolates made here in Kenya will do the trick. Meet Say It With Chocolate. What can you not say with chocolates? An apology, maybe. A happy birthday message or just a thank you. Or just surprise someone for the day.

Founded in Kenya, Say It with Chocolate is a chocolate shop located in Prabhaki Industrial Park. They have a variety of flavours that you can try- and will probably fall in love with all of them.

Customize the wrappers to fit your occasion whether it is for a corporate function, a wedding, anniversary or any event you have coming up.

Body Mist

It is time to let your loved one smell heavenly courtesy of Ythera body mist. Ythera’s range of body mists is inspired by the beauty of the African woman, and is “crafted locally by women for women.”

How much more Kenyan can it get? With a range of scents such as Tuber Rose, Vanilla Orchid, and Frangipani. Let that Important African lady in your life have a unique, memorable, and exotic scent.

Surprisingly, there are many places within Nairobi and Mombasa that stock their products. If you are located in Machakos, Nakuru, Kericho and even in Arusha Tanzania, there are shops that stock the product. The locations to buy are on their website. Alternatively, online shopping, thanks to Jumia, will also help you get this gift.

Essential Oils

Do you know there are essential oils made in Kenya for your needs? And not just yours. Surprise a loved one with some essential oils, depending on what you want them to use it for, of course.

Essential oils are believed to be of medicinal value as well as aromatherapy.

From our very own Laikipia region, Cinnabar Green gives us a collection of essential oils to help with jet lag effects or even for massage purposes. I know I would love to get such as a gift especially from a partner for home massage sessions.

Other gift options to consider are face care products, body care products, hair care products and skin care products. If I were you, I would actually buy a basket of various products from face care to body care and massage oils for a loved one with a personalized message! Now that would be an amazing gift!!

With many entrepreneurs in Kenya, it is not hard to get a personalized gift for a loved one. Our list is not extensive, of course, but these are some of the things that you can get to put a smile on some ones face. We hope they really get to enjoy the gift! They are worth every penny.


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