Hidden Gems of Kenya

Looking for a holiday spot to finally let loose, enjoy Mother Nature with all her glorious majesty and empty that holiday kitty you have been trying so hard to fill? Well, we are here to help you make your vacation dreams come true courtesy of hidden gems of Kenya

These spots are rarely visited but they will offer you exotic beauty and experience. They are spots worth spending a few hours or days at, depending on the activity. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen!

Lake Turkana National Parks

Lake Turkana National Park has three national parks. It is located in one of the remotest regions in Kenya, All three national parks, South Island National Park, Central Island National Park, and Sibiloi National Park, are located within Lake Turkana basin. This is the largest lake in the word that is located in a desert! It is also the largest alkaline lake in the world and stretches to more than 250 km

Known as “The Cradle of Mankind”, this region is not only rich in breathtaking beauty but also history. Fossils unearthed from this region at Koobi Fora on the Eastern Shore of the lake date back to millions of years ago and led to the discovery of many specimens including that of the Homo genus.

Apart from the rich history, the lake and its regions will treat you to such an amazing and outstanding beauty especially the aerial view, and various species of flora and fauna. Take this opportunity to learn about the different cultures present in the region, too.

Gedi Ruins

Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Ruins of Gedi serves as one of the greatest mysteries of the coastal region of Kenya.

Located in Watamu, on the Northern part of Mombasa, Gedi ruins is an archaeological site that boasts of undiscovered historical stories. It is believed that Gedi was a well-established and thriving city of Swahili culture that dates way back to the 13th century. An Arabic decorated coral tomb dated back to 1399 is proof enough of this.

Occupying 44 hectares of land, the setting of the places shows how the people lived, divided according to their classes. A mosque serves as a clear indication of the religious ways of the inhabitants of this place.

However, nothing much is known of this place or its inhabitants. They just packed their belongings and left. Without a trace. From the fact that no treasured items were discovered during the excavation, it is clear that they had time to pack their items. Many theories have been formulated to explain why they left but none has been proved yet.

If you happen to visit Watamu, and do not mind spending  a few hours on historical marvel’s and answered archaeological questions, this is a place worth visiting.

Elephant Hill- Aberdare National Park

If you are an adrenaline kind of traveller, seeking challenging grounds and exotic beauty, then the Elephant Hill hike should be on your bucket list. Located on the southern part of the Aberdare National Park, this is one of the most challenging hikes you will experience. Actually, it is advisable to hike here especially is you are planning to climb Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro.

One of the beauties you will notice on the trail is the Bamboo forest. It forms a dense and towering canopy that forms a challenge as well as treating you to a beautiful scenery. Mostly, depending on the weather at the time, by the time you get here it will start getting cold. The temperatures, will of course, start dropping as you go up.

You need to prepare well for this. A pair of hiking boots, water, light rucksack, and some warm clothes. Buy the boots in advance in case you do not have them, and break them in to avoid a lot of stress when hiking.

Apart from a tough hiking terrain as well as weather, Elephant Hill will treat you to a very beautiful view once you get to the peak. It is about 3906m in altitude, and the hike can take around 7 hours.

The Kereita Forest Zip Line

Okay, I think I brought the adrenaline bit way too soon. Deep in the heart of the Aberdare Ranges, at Kereita Forest, is a zip line. I know, Aberdare Ranges is vast with so much to offer- I just hope to cover more ground on my next visit too.

This is one of the longest zip lines in Kenya, with one hell of adrenaline rush! Stretching to 2.2.km’s, you will need to first get some training before they let you try the main zip line. They have 6 lines, all with different views of the forest beneath you. You can try them all if the first try does not scare the hell out of you.

After zip lining, there are numerous activities available. Activities such as archery, mountain biking, paintball, horse riding and even camping among others.

This should be on your bucket list. Budget for it.

To experience some adrenaline rush and enjoy one of Kenya’s hidden gems, add Kereita Forest to your bucket list. Go ahead, it will be worth it.

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