How to Dress for a Hiking Expedition

How to Dress for a Hiking Expedition

One of the things you need to get right when going on a hike is the attire. I have seen people pose for pictures while on hiking trails and the first thing you notice is them wearing wrong attire like jeans, rubber shoes, flat shoes etc. For this reason, we will shed some light on how to dress for a hiking expedition.

After a few struggles on the trail, I decided to do some research and see what I was not getting right. I wanted to know what attire was right for hiking. In this article, I will help you redefine your hiking wardrobe. This will make your next hiking experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Depending on the terrain, you will have to settle either for a pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots. Comfortable feet will determine whether your hiking will be a nightmare or heavenly. You do not want to get blisters while on the trail!

For a less vigorous trail and one with less strenuous rock climbing, a pair of hiking shoes is ideal. Hiking shoes are also ideal during the hot season. If, however, you are going hiking during the rainy season, or on a terrain that rocky or steep, a pair of hiking boot is ideal.

Hiking shoes and boots are better for hiking than your normal shoes because they have thicker soles, which makes them sturdier. The sole of hiking boots is thicker than that of hiking shoes, which enhances the grip on the ground. This is why they are ideal for rough terrains. A pair of cotton socks will also help reduce your chances of getting blisters.

It is important to go for footwear that is waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and right fitting.


The fabric of your clothing will also determine how comfortable you are on the trail. Jeans are good for other occasions other than hiking and other outdoor activities. For a hike, you need clothes that are not too tight or those that will limit your movement. Put on a pair of pants that is sturdy but comfortable for free movement.

For pants and a top, avoid anything that is made of cotton especially when hiking on a sunny day. This is because cotton retain sweat in case you start sweating. If the weather changes, you will end up getting chilly. The fabric to go for is either merino wool, nylon or polyester. These materials are highly breathable and dry faster compared to cotton fabric.

If you are hiking during the rainy season, a waterproof rain jacket should be on your list. It should also be very breathable so as to keep you all dry when you start sweating. For a cold season, or if it gets dark while on the trail, pack a warm jacket mostly made of polyester.

Cap/ Hat

If you are hiking on a hot day carry a brimmed hat. The brim will shelter your eyes from the sun, and the hat will keep your head safe from the scorching sun.

If you re hiking during the cold season, a warm beanie will go a long way in keeping your head warm. Bring a pair of gloves too.

When is your next hiking expedition? Upgrade your wardrobe and let us know of the experience.

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