Stay fit this holiday season with the below tips

The holidays are a time of relaxation and also a time when everyone seems to be holding one party or the other. Whether it is the Christmas festivities, end of year office party or weddings, this is the season where there is plenty of food and the temptation to indulge without a care. After all, the hard work done during the normal work routine needs a reward, doesn’t it? Is it possible to indulge in all those delicacies and still stay fit this holiday season? It is a question that most of us are asking.

Yes, it is possible. However, it is advisable to be cautious even as you have fun. Unwanted weight is more easily piled on than got rid of. This means that the more you indulge in your favorite food this Christmas holiday, the more likely you are to add those kilos. You might also develop love handles and an unsightly pot-belly. So, does this mean you turn down all those invitations to have fun and have your taste buds celebrate the festive season? The simple answer is, no.

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Stay Physically Active

Staying fit over the holidays involves two things. The first one is staying active and two, watching what you eat. If your party involves activity, then be sure you participate. Taking to the dance floor is a great way to exercise while having fun. If there is a race, by all means, join the action. If you do not get to attend many parties, you could also decide to take up a hobby that keeps you active. Instead of spending hours in front of a computer or mobile phone screen, go out for an activity such as jogging, biking or swimming. To get you motivated, you could take up such an activity with a friend. In this way, you will balance out the calories you take in and those you lose through being active.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy contributes a lot to staying fit over this Christmas holiday. If you stuff yourself with junk food since it is available, you will be giving your body a rough time getting rid of the unhealthy build up in your body. Not only will junk food make you sluggish and therefore less motivated to work-out, but it can also lead to disease in the long run. So whether at home or at a party, always ensure that you pack enough veggies and fruits on your plate instead of meats and fried food as it is the norm during such festivities.


As mentioned earlier, exercise is important in staying fit. When keeping active, a constant companion should be your water bottle. Water assists you stay fit by lowering your temperature as you exercise. I also flushes out toxins and helping your muscles and joints work at their optimum. The active individual will require more than the recommended 8 glasses of water in a day. To go hand in hand with hydration, it is important to stay away from alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate you and make staying fit all the harder.

Make a Fitness Plan

Finally, staying fit over the holidays will not happen randomly. Have a fitness plan and regimen over Christmas and stick to it. It is also great in helping you to keep over the holidays. So, go ahead, have fun, eat delicacies in moderation but above all, keep active.



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