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What You Should Know Before Buying a VR Headset

Virtual Reality technology has made an immense development, especially in recent years. It seemed to be a luxury in the past, and not everyone could have a chance to own VR technology. However, today it has become not only accessible to many but also affordable.

Though VR headsets became easier to acquire, you need to be aware of several essential aspects before purchasing one. So follow our guide to be sure that you don’t waste your money.

What’s Your Budget?

Before buying a VR headset, keep in mind that it is not one of those cheap purchases. So at first, you need to concretize your budget, to orientate better. For example, if you are below budget, you may consider buying Google Cardboard, costing around $50. Though it may not give the best experience of VR headsets, it will give you an idea of what it is.

However, if you want to spend more on VR headsets and have a couple of hundreds of dollars, you may consider more strong options such as Samsung Gear VR or PlayStation VR. Some options may cost thousands of dollars; you can consider Valve Index, one of the industry’s prominent leaders.

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Parameters of the VR Headset

There are a couple of important criteria that you should take into consideration before buying a VR headset. 

Here are the main ones:


Resolution is the vital part of viewing while wearing the VR headset. If the resolution of the image is too low, then the image may be too pixelated. As a result, there will be more significant gaps between the pixels, causing a horrible viewing experience.

Field of View (FOV)

FOV ( field of view) measures how much of an environment is observable. The higher the index of the field of view, the better viewer’s experience. You’ll feel more present in virtual reality. If you want a good quality VR headset, it is best to pick between 100°-110° FOV.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate shows how quickly the VR headset changes the images. It is one of the main factors of the viewer’s experience, and a fast refresh rate ensures a quality experience. On the other hand, a slow refresh rate is an indication of a poor headset and may cause sickness to the viewer.

Wireless Headset and Tethered

Usually, tethered headsets are more complex and professional. They have a high-performance rate, and in addition, have a better viewer’s experience. This may be great for gameplays and for the ones who prefer higher-quality images. However, this option is more expensive than the wireless one.

On the other hand, wireless headsets may be cheaper, but these may not provide the same performance as tethered headsets. However, they are more practical options and don’t require any additional technology. Wireless headsets are working with a battery, so you need to charge them. So, before buying them, pay attention to the power of the battery.

The Size of the Space

In reality, to feel the whole incredible experience of the VR headsets, you need to be in an ample space. Of course, it also depends on which type of headsets you use. Professional and high-performance headsets require some room, as they are designed for game plays or other complex activities.

If you want to dive into a virtual reality experience, some headsets let you walk and run, which is a whole different level of technology. However, if you don’t want such options, there are also simple headsets that you can enjoy even while seated.

Possible Motion Sickness Problems?

VR headsets seem very interesting, and everyone wants to try them at least once. However, many people suffer from motion sickness, and after a couple of minutes, they start to feel bad. The reason is that people face sensory conflict because our body’s real experience doesn’t match with virtual reality.

First, try to limit the headset usage time to 20 minutes. And also, before buying one, you’ll need to try in a store or borrow from someone to make sure that there are no motion sickness problems.

VR headsets are worth trying, even if you are not a fan of high-end technologies. Though it may be strange at first, as long as you get used to it, the experience will get better. The most important part is to choose the correct parameters and concretize the budget. Otherwise, you may end up buying an expensive headset, which you can’t use because it may need to be operated in large spaces.

For your first VR headset, you may not go for the best one. However, later, once you get used to it, you can upgrade. So, make sure to research before purchasing. Keep in mind the criteria mentioned earlier, and you’ll make the right decision before buying the VR headset. 

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