How To Buy The Best Travel Blanket

How To Buy The Best Travel Blanket

A travel blanket can provide a little more comfort during your long journeys. It could be the difference between relaxation and torment. Of course, traveling is always worth it, to grow, explore new places and meet new people. But the journey can sometimes be very unenjoyable.

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Taking a blanket with you on the plane, train or bus can allow you to be cozy and snug while you sleep or read your favorite book. 

You might be struggling to decide which travel blanket to purchase, and that’s okay. However, this article will talk you through what you need to consider before committing to buying a travel blanket.

Why you should always travel with your own travel blanket

Travel blankets can provide comfort in many ways. You can snuggle up to them during a long flight, use them as a pillow on the train or bus journey. Consider taking your own travel blanket for a few different reasons. 

Flying with budget airlines is excellent for cheap plane tickets, but unfortunately, you don’t get the other perks, such as a blanket. The last thing you want is to be on a flight, cold and uncomfortable, with nothing to provide warmth. 

Even if you get a blanket on the plane or train, it is usually incredibly thin and a little scratchy. Traveling with your own blanket will allow you to have a soft, comfortable blanket that smells like home.

Not forgetting we are in the ear of a pandemic. So stay safe by using personal items, including a travel blanket! 

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What you should consider before buying a travel blanket


Picking a blanket with a texture that you love is very important. It is supposed to be providing you with comfort; therefore, you should choose your favorite material that is soft and warm. You don’t want to buy a blanket that cringes to touch! 

Make sure that the material you choose is washable. After a journey, it is best to wash your travel blanket to remove any germs or dirt picked up on your travels. 

Having a personal travel blanket that you have washed is even more comforting as it smells like home! Having this reminder is very soothing when you are feeling a little homesick.

Fleece blankets are popular, as they are soft, warm, and easy to wash!


There is nothing worse than trying to sleep under a blanket and your toes hanging out the end. Before buying a blanket, think about how big you would like it to be. Will you scrunch it up into a pillow? Or do you want it to be long enough from your head to toe?

Deciding on the size blanket you would like will help you when purchasing one. But, as you think about size, don’t forget to consider how much space you have in your suitcases or backpacks!


Travelling has always been very restrictive on space. Whether you are backpacking through Asia or interrailing around Europe, everything needs to fit into a rucksack, which you’re capable of carrying on your back.

If this is the case, you should consider a small, thinner travel blanket. But, again, you do not need to sacrifice taking one, but be smart with your purchasing decision.

Going on holiday where you do not need to carry everything on your back for months, you have the luxury of taking more luggage. In this case, you have a little more space to choose a slightly bigger and thicker blanket, to provide more comfort.


Travel blankets can be lifesavers on long and uncomfortable journeys, but we don’t always travel a lot of space. Consider this when purchasing your travel blanket, along with desired material and size.

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