Me at About Thyme Restaurant Nairobi

About Thyme Restaurant – Nairobi

I love food… most of the time. But what drove me to About Thyme Restaurant was the beautiful display of salted caramel crepes in IG. My sweet tooth and I just had to take a bite. And it was glorious!



About Thyme Restaurant – Setting & Ambience 

About Thyme Garden

About Thyme Restaurant is nestled on the corner of Eldama Ravine and Peponi Road in Westlands/Parklands. It looks like a suburban getaway area, a little secluded, cosy but within the city.

You can hear cars pass if you are sitting outside. But it is not so loud that it irks you. 

About Thyme Restaurant - Lamp Decor

We got here a little early on a Saturday for their brunch. There are three sitting areas, inside the restaurant, at the terrace, or in the garden. If you like being close to nature and in an open space, the terrace and the garden are the best options for you. 

There is not much of nature, but the surrounding trees make the outdoors calming.


The Food 

Salmon Sweetcorn Breakfast

The last time I had salmon in one of these high-end restaurants, it was bitter and left such a bad taste in my mouth. 

But the one I had at About Thyme Restaurant was great! I also ordered scrambled eggs on sweetcorn fritters, served with their chili jam. I honestly do not know what to say about this. It wasn’t a hundred percent unique taste or a dish that leave you wanting more. It was just there. 

About Thyme Breakfast

My colleague had the big breakfast with mushrooms, baked beans, sausages, bacon, and grilled tomato. The only complaint I had about this is that the proportion of mushrooms is just too much compared to the rest. 

We both had tea masala, which was just bland, to be honest. It tasted like overdiluted milk with little to no masala or other tea spices. 

Hibiscus Iced Tea

What did I love from their food menu? While I did not taste everything on their menu, I did order something from their ‘Something Sweet’ menu, salted caramel sauce with walnuts and bananas served with whipped cream.

I also ordered a drink from their mocktails selection, hibiscus iced tea sparkler, and it was delicious! My colleague ordered their version of Dawa, spiced ‘not’ toddy, and I think it is the best data I have had from a restaurant so far. 

Me At About Thyme

If you are planning on dining here, consider booking in advance. They have a booking page on their SM pages. Their menu is also available if you want to plan your spending in advance.

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