Going to Africa? Here is the Ultimate Packing List

The famous African Safari! Pretty thrilling, right? But what is the ultimate packing list for an African tour?

You finally got some time for vacation, your flight ticket is ready, hotel booking is all done but your suitcase is missing. Well, it is not that hard- once you are done reading our ultimate packing list.

First things first. Africa is one of the largest continents in the world, trailing after Asia, and has different climatic conditions. Depending on the time of the year, your packing list will be much swayed by where in Africa you are visiting.

Regardless of where your curiosity and the adventurous side of you is taking you, here a few items to consider investing in;

Travel insurance

Better safe than sorry. Anything could happen when you are out there, and it is calming to know that someone has got your back. There are quite a number of travel insurance providers that you can consider. Check their rates and the services offered. Only settle for the one that you feel that offers you and your luggage the backup that is needed. Most independent travelers use World Nomads, and you can consider it, too.


A backpack is easier to carry when navigating through African cities and rural areas than a suitcase or a roller bag. Get one that offers your back much support, is breathable, durable, and, of course, lightweight. That way, all your luggage won’t weigh you down while on a hiking trial or when trying to get into a bus.

First Aid Kit

Yes, you have your travel insurance but then again, what would you use for first aid in case of an emergency? When you are in the desert far away from the rest of the humans, or on a hill somewhere hiking, a first aid kit will come through in case something happens like tripping and falling or getting a cut.


There are different plugs in various African countries. Some use the Type G, whereas in a country like South Africa you will need the Type M. To avoid inconveniences once you have landed, get one from Amazon before leaving your country of origin.


Of course, a camera has to be on ultimate packing list! There are many places to visit in Africa and capturing all those moments will forever remind you of the experience. From the wild animals you will see on Safari to the white beaches and the different cultures in every African country!

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Well, unfortunately, some African countries have censored the internet. To make your life easier when navigating the internet when in any African country, you can get yourself a VPN that sill suit your needs when their and keep you connected to your family and friends back home.

Other items are easily found in the African cities. Items such as lip balm, sun screen, sunglasses, bottled water and such. You can get them from the shopping malls before you leave for the rural villages. In case you plan on going hiking, carry a pair of boots. Also, get some flip flops for walking around the cities or the shower.

In case you are wondering what not to bring, a mosquito net and sleeping bags are not necessary since they are usually available in hotels and camping sites. Additionally, there many ATM’s allover so don’t carry a lot of with you.

Once you have these items, your ultimate packing list is good to go. And you are ready to enjoy what the vast continent of Africa has to offer. And it has a lot in store!


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