Your Beginners Guide To Rock Climbing

Your Beginners Guide To Rock Climbing

Looking for new adventurous ways to spend time outdoors? How about rock climbing?  

Gripping tightly onto a rock while pushing yourself up with your legs is physically demanding. And the height can sometimes be terrifying. So, is it worth it? 

Yes, it is!

Climbing does not only give you an incredible full-body workout but complete self-satisfaction and a boost in self-esteem. You will find yourself solving problems, leaving your comfort zone, and maybe even practicing self-meditation.

This sport can relieve stress, improve blood circulation and increase strength. So, what do you need to know when starting as a novice rock climber? 

This article will explain how to introduce this extreme sport and its many benefits into your life today!

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Where to Start? 

Starting something new can be exciting, nerve-racking, and scary, all at the same time. And while rock climbing might look like an impossible climb, it is easier than you think! 

Going down to your local climbing center and signing up for beginners lessons is the most challenging part! However, once you’ve committed to giving it a go, you are more likely to follow it to the end.

The best way to get into it is by starting with indoor climbing. It gives you more comfort and safety of using mats, ropes, and instructors. These are enough to get the fear of rock climbing out of your system.


One of the best things about rock climbing is that it is affordable! Beginner lessons are not that expensive, and it is cheap to use the wall for training.

Increasing your climbing skills and technique after lessons and practice, you’ll be ready to climb outside! You can organize a climbing trip with the climbing center or with your new climbing friends.

Types of climbing

There are many different types of rock climbing, and it will include climbing with or without ropes. 

You’ve seen people rock climbing in movies, attached to a rope anchored to the top of a cliff. This is Top rope climbing, and it is one of the safest methods for a beginner. The belayer at the bottom keeps the rope slack and controls the rope to cushion your fall. 

If you live in an icy area, you could try ice climbing. Yes, that’s climbing on ice or snow! It is an intensive routine and requires intensive gear made explicitly for ice climbing. Other rock climbing methods that use ropes you can check out include trad climbing, sport climbing, free climbing, aid climbing, and rope soloing. 

Bouldering is a very popular method of climbing. It doesn’t include ropes, and the climber uses a firm grip to reach the top of boulders or artificial rocks. You will often see climbers gripping tightly while almost horizontal, climbing under and around a boulder! Imagine the strength required!

Improving your technique

As with most things, practice makes perfect! Training and climbing a few times a week will ensure you see results within your first couple of months. So, what techniques should you focus on improving?

Pulling your body up with your arms is the only time you should not have your arms straight. Gripping onto the rock with straight arms allows you to sit into your legs, rest your arms and get ready to push with your legs.

Using your legs to push yourself upwards is the best method. Of course, your legs are stronger than your arms, providing more strength to move upwards.


Like other adventurous outdoor activities, we recommend investing in the necessary equipment.

Starting a new sport can be demanding on the wallet, which is why climbing is excellent. While you’re learning, you can hire all the equipment from the climbing club you train with, which is a lot cheaper than buying all your gear!

The only necessary purchase suggested to all climbers is their shoes. This way, you can ensure you buy the correct size. While this saves you money in the short term, it doesn’t mean you will not purchase your items. So take this opportunity and start saving for the right gear. 

What to pack

Adventuring out into the wild for your first climb can be incredibly exciting. But don’t let that excitement cause you to forget to pack everything you need. 

Below is a simple list of things to pack on your first rock climbing adventure!

  •       Rock climbing shoes
  •       Appropriate clothing
  •       Drinking water
  •       Sun cream
  •       Food/snacks
  •       First aid kit

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Taking the time to train and practice indoors is imperative to safe climbing! Ensure you are fully prepared before adventuring out into the wilderness!

Hopefully, this article answers some of your questions about rock climbing. Beginning this sport is easy, affordable, and exciting! So what’s stopping you?

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