Post Pandemic Travel Bucket List To Africa

Update Your Post Pandemic Travel Bucket List to Africa

Travel restrictions might still linger, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about walking down white sandy beaches or chasing nature trails in lands far away from home. 

And Africa is an excellent post-pandemic travel bucket list for anyone seeking adventure and shaking off whatever remains after this rollercoaster!  

Traveling around Africa is a beautiful and ultimate travel experience. The continent is packed with beaches, mountains, and incredible wildlife. It is home to the world’s largest desert and the world’s longest river. It has everything to offer!

Africa’s diverse landscapes, people, and places make it a travel bucket list paradise!

As you plan the best ways to spend your savings globetrotting through this vast continent, here are our top destinations you should add to your bucket list;


North Africa

From the Suez Canal and pyramids of Egypt to the skiing slopes and desert dunes in Morocco, the North of Africa brims with travel destinations! 



Egypt connects Africa to Asia and is famous for its incredible ancient cities, deserts, and temples. Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza is on everyone’s bucket list. It is an absolute must, as it is one of the world’s largest and oldest Ancient Wonders. Yet, it still baffles scientists to date!

For the adrenaline junkies and lovers of history, taking a hot air balloon ride will make your bucket list even more thrilling. With this, you get to see an aerial view of the Valley of the Kings. It was used as a burial site for over 500 years for pharaohs and patricians of the New Kingdom. 

On the shore of the Sahara is the red sea, bubbling with diverse coral reefs and marine life. Scuba diving in the Red Sea is worth traveling to Egypt for and an unforgettable adventure.



Morocco is a hugely diverse country, offering a lot of cultural and adventurous activities. From treks to authentic cuisine, Morocco has it all. Marrakesh is filled with slim, crowded streets, inviting you in to discover ancient treasures.

Morocco is also home to the third-largest desert, the Sahara Desert. Take a walk in the dunes, ride a camel, or camp and spend your night glaring at the open sky, counting stars! It sounds like a dream, but it is quite possible! 

Away from the desert, you can visit one of the two skiing resorts in the country. While January is the most common skiing month, you can ski here between December and March. So, plan your itinerary around these months if you wish to ski in Morocco. 



Yes, we have mentioned the Sahara Desert, but have you seen it from Tunisia’s point of view? You definitely get to enjoy the dunes, camel rides, and a night of starry skies, but the sights are like no other. Of course, if you are a fan of Star Wars, you already know it. The desert was a set location for the Tatooine planet, with some spots open for tourists. 

Away from the Sahara, add one of the biggest highlights of the country, El Djem Amphitheatre. It is an ancient and well-preserved building from the Roman Empire and an architectural monument worth its name. 


East Africa

It is the fastest-growing region on the continent, with economic hubs and endless travel destinations for your bucket list. 



You cannot mention Tanzania and leave the word Mount Kilimanjaro! It is the world’s largest free-standing mountain and the tallest mountain in Africa. For mountain climbers and risk-takers wanting to see the world from high peaks, Mt. Kilimanjaro will provide you with a huge physical challenge and the most amazing views.

In contrast to the deserts, pyramids, and mountains, East Africa has many beautiful beaches on offer. Take a walk or swim in the crystal-clear waters of Zanzibar, or take a dive in the natural Kikuletwa Hotsprings in Arusha. 

Experiencing the Great Migration will make you feel at one with nature. You can observe a massive migration of Wildebeests as they cross rivers searching for greener grass during this time.



An African Safari is sure to make it onto many post-pandemic travel bucket lists to Africa. And Kenya is famous for safaris through the parks. Here, you get the chance to experience animals in the world, from lions to majestic elephants in national parks like Tsavo, Maasai Mara, and Amboseli

If you are looking to hit the beaten treks, you can hike on Mt. Longonot, Hells Gate, or catch a traveling caravan to the Chalbi Desert in Marsabit for camel rides and a taste of dunes on this side of the world. 

You cannot leave Kenya without visiting the various islands, especially those in the coastal region. Depending on what island you visit, you can get to experience the Indian Ocean beaches and cultural experiences and visit historical sites like Fort Jesus and Gedi Ruins


Add more destinations from the Top Island Nations to Visit in East Africa



Enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters and taking walks on the crystal white sandy beaches

But if you’re looking to sample more than the beach life, a must-have bucket list item is the Avenue of the Baobabs. This road goes through a field of deciduous Baobab trees that are older than 800 years. These trees are incredibly large and outstandingly stunning.


Southern Africa

From stunning beaches and scenery to amazing wildlife, Southern Africa offers all you need for a travel destination. 


South Africa

Are you looking to get that adrenaline rush? Bungee jumping is the ultimate adrenaline rush experience for the adrenaline seekers in South Africa. Bloukrans Bridge is 216 meters high, one of the world’s highest commercial bungee jumps, making South Africa even harder to resist.

Another attraction to South Africa is that it houses thousands of penguins on Boulder’s Beach in Cape Town. Who can resist the urge to see penguins up close? We know we can’t! 

Cape Town in South Africa is incredibly famous for its wine. When visiting Africa, make sure to include wine tasting in your itinerary! Stellenbosch is engulfed in vineyards, producing magnificent wine.



Not to forget the outstandingly beautiful Mosi-oa-Tunya, “The Smoke That Thunders” in Lozi or Shungu Namutitima, “Boiling Water” in Tonga. Or the famous English name, you can call it Victoria Falls (but it sounds better in the local language, doesn’t it?). And it is not hard to see where the waterfall gets its name from! It is a waterfall on the Zambezi River on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also a World Heritage site for UNESCO. 

When making a post-pandemic travel bucket list, this magnificent waterfall has to be near the top. Did you know this waterfall is 1,708 meters wide? It is considered one of the largest waterfalls in the world! You can relax on the Devil’s Pool, a pool by the edge of the fall. And, if you are feeling like taking more risks, then try bungee jumping off the bridge! Yeah, that should give your blood the ultimate adrenaline rush. 


West Africa

Welcome to West Africa, a hub of history and cultural diversity!  



The country attracts many tourists to the Mole National Park walking Safari, with a lot of wildlife. It also offers a bucket list-worthy 130ft high Canopy walk in Kakum National Park to further pack your travels with fun and adventure. It is an incredible way to see an aerial view of the national park.

You definitely cannot miss visiting the Cape Coast Castel, a commercial fort and one of the 40 slave castles used. 


Central Africa

From the volcanic mountains to mountain gorillas and tropical rain forests! 


Democratic Republic of Congo

Another adventurous bucket list item that will attract danger seekers is the Mount Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Get to experience the unforgettable experience of hiking an active volcano, not forgetting the breathtaking views! 

However, Mount Nyiragongo volcano recently erupted in May 2021. Therefore, there are current guidelines advising tourists to remain vigilant and avoid unnecessary travel to this region where possible. As you plan your trip to this region, ensure you check local policies first.



Another volcano in Central Africa is Mount Cameroon, the highest and most active volcano in Western and Central Africa. While the recent updates show it is currently dormant, we recommend you confirm with local guides before planning the trip to ensure it is recommended for travel. 

Mount Cameroon is easily accessible via planes, busses, and other forms of transport such as hire cars. During the hike, accommodation includes renting basic huts.

Walking around Cameroon, you will spot colonial buildings, museums, and incredible architecture. If you love ecotourism, this country is the place for you. You can enjoy scenic canoe rides, walk through rainforests, and come face to face with Africa’s famous five.

This is sure to make you forget life’s day-to-day worries and the stressful experiences throughout the pandemic.


If traveling to Africa, read more about your travel vaccine checklist.


Are you Ready? 

It’s time to update your post-pandemic travel bucket list! And Africa offers a cocktail of places, activities, and experiences that earn the right to be on your post-pandemic travel bucket list in Africa, from hiking on active volcanoes to the bustling streets and Safari tours!

If you can spend a lot of time in Africa, ensure you travel around each region and experience as much as you can! Or, you might have to prioritize certain places to adhere to a tight schedule.

Either way, you can be sure whatever region you manage to visit, you will have an ultimate travel experience to get you back to the post-pandemic life! 


Disclosure; This is just a guide to travel destinations Ensure you confirm with local guidelines, especially on vaccinations and other Covid-19 protection measures. As always, wear your mask and social distance. Protect yourself and others!  

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