Cassia Lodge – Kampala

Cassia Lodge – Kampala

Located at the top of Buziga Hill, Cassia Lodge serves you with all the majestic glory of Kampala City and the Great Lake Victoria.

This is actually one of my favorite spots in Kampala City. True to their promise, the view of the City of Kampala from the terrace of their restaurant is breathtaking. If you happen to be there during sunrise or sunset then you are in for a treat of one of the most beautiful sights of the sun as its rays merges with Lake Victoria.

Pork chops

They serve a wide range of dishes- from European cuisines to Ugandan dishes. Their menu is quite extensive but in occasion you feel like you want something different, then their chef’s are pretty much willing to accommodate your needs. For my dinner, I decided to try their pork chops with Matoke. It was very delicious but some pieces of it were a bit hard. Other than that, I enjoyed the rest of the meal. I would recommend you try the Ugandan cuisines especially if you are not Ugandan or if you have never tried Ugandan dishes like Katogo or Matoke.

They also have a wide range of drinks. On my last visit I decided to try their lemonade, cold as it was in the evening, and play around with the setting. I do not regret any bit of it. Both the image and the drink was amazing- I believe this image says enough of my praising. That VIEW!! I still can’t get enough of it.

Apart from this, their accommodation is one of the best. They have spacious rooms, very exquisite, with free WIFI and of course a view of the lake. Their swimming pool gives you a view of Kampala City as well as Lake Victoria.

Bottom line, this should be one of your top places to visit when in Kampala.

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